The Valley Equine Hospital is a purpose built, state-of-the-art facility, with RCVS accreditation as a tier three specialist equine hospital, situated in Lambourn, Berkshire. The hospital offers a wide range of specialist services in a number of disciplines, including elective orthopaedic and soft tissue surgical services as well as surgical emergency services.


Our surgical centre consists of a surgical suite with an induction/recovery box. We have an additional surgical room equipped for standing surgical procedures such as upper airway surgery, dentistry, reproductive and laparoscopic surgery.

We also have intensive care boxes equipped with fluid therapy facilities, heat lamps and CCTV. In addition we have a fully equipped isolation unit.

With 24 hour care provided, your horse is in safe hands.

Our team of surgeons are internationally recognised specialists with experience gained in both the UK and abroad. Whether respiratory, orthopaedic or soft tissue surgery, we have the skills to provide gold standard care to your horse.

We pride ourselves on the level of exceptional care given to all ages and breeds of horse. Our specialist team of vets and nurses provide a 24hr service, with an on-site team always present to ensure the highest standard of treatment is given.

Orthopaedic Surgery Highlights (including bone, joint, tendon and ligament and muscle surgery):

  • Arthroscopy Surgery – Treatment of the joint for conditions such as OsteochrondritisDissecans (OCD’s), bone chip fractures, ligament and meniscal tears.
  • Tenoscopy surgery – Treatment of injuries to digital flexor tendon sheath, carpal canal and other synovial structures.
  • Buroscopy surgery – Treatment of injuries to the deep digital flexor tendon and infections following penetrations to the foot and pastern regions.
  • Fracture Fixation – Repair of long bone and other skeletal fractures is now possible, using the latest imaging equipment and specialised techniques under general anaesthesia or standing.

Soft Tissue Surgery Highlights:

  • Upper airway surgery – We perform a complete array of upper airway surgery procedures involving foals and adults in training requiring nasal, palate or ‘roarer’ surgery
  • Laparoscopic surgery – We offer minimally invasive ‘key-hole’ surgeries such as cryptorchidectomy and ovariectomy. These procedures often result in decreased patient discomfort and convalescent times.


We have affiliations with:

Dr Jessica Kidd BA DVM CertES(Orth) Dipl ECVS MRCVS

J.G. Lane B.Vet.Med, DESTS, FRCVS