Inpatient information – if your horse is being admitted to Valley Equine Hospital


Please report to reception on arrival. You need to bring any stable rugs your horse wears and any specialised feed or supplements that your horse may be on. We have an unloading ramp available to use. Please report to a member of the hospital staff before unloading your horse. Once unloaded, your horse will be made comfortable and you will be asked to sign a consent form. If you have any concerns, questions or queries we will be happy to help before you leave.

Elective Surgery

If your horse is coming into the hospital for an elective surgery procedure it is advisable to drop the horse in the day before surgery is due to be performed. This enables us to take preoperative bloods, withhold food and monitor the horse before surgery. We also request shoes are removed prior to arrival at the hospital.

Scintigraphy (Bone Scan)

If your horse is coming to Valley Equine Hospital for bone scintigraphy please arrive on the morning of the appointment before 8:30am. Bring any stable rugs and special feeding or supplement requirements with you. The horse will be required to stay in the hospital for 48 hours as it will be radioactive for this period. During that 48 hours Health and Safety dictates that you will be unable to visit your horse as it will be subject to strict radioactivity protocol, but we are happy for you to call and enquire how he/she is.

Lameness Investigation

6661-vet doing vetting

We would advise that the horse is shod normally unless no shoes have ever been fitted to more accurately evaluate your horse. If your horse has been box rested and has a longstanding lameness, please undertake some light exercise (where appropriate) under the guidance of your vet to allow us to examine the horse when he/she is exhibiting signs of lameness. If you feel that the lameness is most apparent when the horse is ridden please bring your tack with you in case the clinicians would like to assess the horse when ridden.

It is often the case that we cannot completely “work up” a lameness in one day and we may ask to admit your horse to the hospital for further investigation of the lameness. A minimum amount of time for a lameness investigation (excluding re-examinations which can take less time) is at least three hours, so although you are welcome to wait, it is recommended that you leave the horse with us for the day.

Overnight Care

If your horse is admitted to the hospital our overnight on call team of vets and nurses, who are situated on site 24/7, will provide the highest standard of care.

An individual overnight plan will be formulated by the clinician in charge of your horse. They will decide the frequency of checks and any treatments that may be required. As a minimum every horse is checked at 8pm and midnight.

Our out of hour’s team can monitor and provide treatments more frequently if required such as by the hour or continuous care. Horses can also be watched over CCTV if needed.

If you would like more information about our level of care, please contact the hospital.

Visitors Information

On arrival at Valley Equine Hospital please report to reception at the front of the building. The office staff will inform the nurses/yard staff of your arrival so that there will be someone to meet you and assist with unloading if necessary.

If you are visiting a horse already in the hospital please visit during office hours. (Monday-Friday:8am – 5:30pm, Saturday-Sunday 8am-10am) Please inform us by telephone before arriving and report to reception before going onto the yard.

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