We are delighted to announce that Valley Equine Hospital has recently invested in a new Hallmarq patented Standing Equine Leg CT (slCT).

This new modality delivers conclusive 3D imaging in 60 seconds, with unique motion correction software helping deliver much more than a conventional radiograph. This system boasts many advantages over conventional radiography and other CT systems:

◊ High image quality: This is the first purpose built, stand alone, high
resolution sICT in the world. Each scan obtained contains 900 x-rays collated into 3-D imaging, with motion correction technology, for high resolution images free of superimposition. This ensures the system is perfect for advanced imaging of the fetlock.

◊ Speed: With a scan time of 60 seconds per area of interest, horses can come in specifically for this advanced imaging modality and be picked up 1-2 hours later.

◊ Affordable: Each scan is priced in order to make it attractive and affordable when compared to that of a full series of x-rays of the chosen aspect of the distal limb.

◊ Diverse: The CT can obtain images of the foot, pastern, fetlock and distal cannon bone of both the forelimbs and hind limbs. Given the ease of use, this system will enable us to perform scans for fracture repair planning, finding pre-fracture changes not seen with standard x-ray, survey scans for the new BHA rulings, grading severity of palmar/plantar osteochondral lesions, further investigation of navicular changes and laminae changes, contrast studies for state of the art cartilage examination and more.

◊ Safe: The CT unit is housed within a purpose built container, designed for ease of use and safety of both the horse and staff. The standing system avoids the need for general anaesthesia, reducing risks to the patient. Radiation dose is comparable to digital radiography enabling both operator and handler to easily remain with the patient whilst
imaging is completed.