Valley Equine Hospital has the first purpose built, stand alone, high resolution sICT in the world. CT uses ionising radiation like traditional x-rays, but unlike two dimensional x-rays it captures multiple images from different angles, combining them all to create a 3D image. The procedure is carried out using standing sedation and acquiring the scans takes just a few minutes. Standing CT is safe, effective and affordable and is an invaluable tool in diagnosing bone pathology.

The CT can obtain images of the foot, pastern, fetlock and distal cannon bone of both the forelimbs and hind limbs. Given the ease of use, this system enable us to perform scans for multiple reasons, including:

  • fracture repair planning,
  • finding pre-fracture changes not seen with standard x-ray
  • survey scans for the new BHA rulings
  • grading severity of palmar/plantar osteochondral lesions,
  • further investigation of navicular changes and laminae changes
  • contrast studies for state of the art cartilage examination

The CT unit is housed within a purpose built container, designed for ease of use and safety of both the horse and staff. The standing system avoids the need for general anaesthesia, reducing risks to the patient. Radiation dose is comparable to digital radiography enabling both operator and handler to easily remain with the patient whilst imaging is completed.

If you would like to discuss referring a case or find out more information regarding our CT Scanner please contact us on 01488 71999