The ambulatory area of the practice focuses on providing a full range of mobile services for your horse. We have advanced diagnostic equipment enabling us to provide fast and efficient mobile services for the Berkshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and North Hampshire regions.


Our range of services is fully comprehensive, but most notably includes:

  • lameness examination – We offer complete soundness evaluations using the latest technology and techniques to evaluate your horse.
  • Routine healthcare, including vaccinations – All horses that regularly compete or are mixing with other horses should be vaccinated against both influenza and tetanus. If you are only vaccinating against tetanus the manufacturer recommends vaccination every other year providing the initial primary course of two injections no more than three months apart has been given.
6661-vet doing vetting

For broodmares and horses in competition or racing yards we recommend vaccinating against EHV14 (Equine Herpes Virus). This requires two initial injections 4-6 weeks apart followed by regular boosters every 6 months. Pregnant mares should receive vaccinations at five, seven and nine months of pregnancy.

  • Pre-purchase examinations – We undertake pre-purchase examinations or ‘vettings’ for horses of all types and ages, from thoroughbred racehorses and breeding stock to performance and leisure horses, either on-site at Valley Equine Hospital or we can travel to wherever the horse lives in the UK or abroad. The examination is intended to give the purchaser a veterinary opinion on the horse’s suitability for its intended use. All pre-purchase examinations comply with the standards issued by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and the British Equine Veterinary Association.
  • Thoroughbred sales radiography – we perform weanling and yearling sales examinations, endoscopy and radiography at your yard using the latest digital equipment.
  • Dentistry – Over recent years this important area of equine health and performance has seen big advances, both in our understanding of equine dentistry and how it affects the horse’s performance and well-being and also in the techniques and equipment we have available to treat and more importantly prevent common dental diseases. At Valley Equine Hospital we have available a wide range of specialised rasps and motorised equipment. We also of course have the facilities offered by our Hospital. These include full surgical facilities along with diagnostic services such as digital radiography, endoscopy and nuclear scintigraphy.
  • Full reproductive services – We provide comprehensive reproductive and stud medicine services. With our on-site laboratory rapid results can be obtained. Mare and foal conformation evaluations are performed regularly to ensure normal athletic development.
  • Passport and microchipping – this service ensures your horse complies with the legalities needed to travel.


Valley Equine Hospital is very pleased to be working exclusively with the Kurtsytems pre-training system at Kingwood Stud, Lambourn. This revolutionary machine sits on a 6 furlong oval gallop and allows yearling thoroughbreds to be trained in a controlled manner, without the need for a rider on their back applying excessive loads.

It has been shown that exposing young racehorses to a gradual cycle of loading from a young age allows improved musculoskeletal strengthening and can help prevent injury at a later stage of a horse’s career. We are therefore working on a project, in collaboration with the Royal Veterinary College, to look at how yearlings are developing while being trained on the Kurtsystem. This includes daily fitness and soundness monitoring through state of the art heart rate monitors and gait analysis tools, as well as periodic measurement of bone and tendon development.

We look forward to working closely with Kurtsystems in developing this exciting tool for pre-training and hope that it becomes an important asset to the thoroughbreds based in Lambourn. For more information visit